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Friday 17 July, 2015 | RSS Feed

Magnets for Generator Motors

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Magnet generator rotor will be able to generate electricity. Size depends on the size of the electrical generator. Even if the 1000 rpm motor to only a small amount of power. Large generators are non-magnet. Usually only a small power magnet. Power generator excitation is used to produce electricity, which is the idea of the rotor and wires are connected together. To lose to the stator first a little electric power while rotating generator rotor coil will be cut this weak magnetic field generated in the stator, the power thus generated and flows into the stator, the cycle will generate electricity. But the generator to be some instruments to stabilize and control the flow of electricity. So the generator has a control box above. If no control box to control the electric rotor supplied to the stator coils, which would lead to higher and higher voltages and currents, which would lead to the stator or rotor because it can not afford such a high current and voltage and heat burned. For example: generators, water conservancy generator power plant is to generate electricity so.

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