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Friday 19 July, 2013 | RSS Feed

Magnet in a magnetic circuit

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Magnetic flux within the magnetic area space inside a closed path. Magnet magnetic circuit is really as magnetic area source, permanent magnet - magnetic circuit from the magnet excitation

Simple closed circuit indication:' H across the magnetic area strength from the magnetic circuit about a minute length, C may be the current, ie a present flows with the mix-connecting f W from the coil conductor turns in through the permanent magnets, the core and also the magnitude from the air gap created small fishing holds on closed circuit, however the formula can also be available. Should you your investment red-colored children Xia cost increase around the magnet magnet magnetic potential will saturate the magnetization, the magnetic condition from the magnet is proven in Figure 20-18 in BH plane saturation magnetization curve M point. A lasting magnet magnetic circuit condition is: Requirements first magnetized magnetic potential removed following the current towards the magnet magnetic Shu. Ampere existence of the next formula: magnet magnetic circuit design What's the mandate?

Ought to be: the magnet magnetic known size of each part, and also the magnetic circuit, the magnetic area in mid-air gap seeking work known amount of the significant air gap and also the needed magnetic area, the option of permanent magnets and see how big the magnetic circuit. You will find most main reasons: Magnet material selection, design structure, the magnet design juice counted. These 3 aspects are related and influence one another.

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