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Monday 15 July, 2013 | RSS Feed

rare earth prices showing a rapid upward trend

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Neodymium NdFeB magnets as a core raw material prices soared as NdFeB, last year rose more than six-fold, so that the magnetic material industry under severe shock, a time, a number of magnetic materials processing enterprises nationwide have different degrees shutdowns.

Since 2010 the government has been massive consolidation of rare earth minerals, rare earth prices showing a rapid upward trend, many brands rose more than 300%, some varieties of the price increase is a staggering 600% -1000%, which is essential for the international community China at a disadvantage in terms of magnetic materials industry, is undoubtedly worse, NdFeB price from 95,000 yuan / ton rose sharply to the current 500,000 yuan / ton.

In recent years, because of high production costs in developed countries, while the international market price has been declining magnets in these countries continue to produce this question has been difficult to continue, and therefore the United States, Europe, represented by the Western developed countries magnetics industry enterprises have been adjusted, resulting in NdFeB industry in the international situation has undergone major changes. At present, China's magnetic materials production enterprises and research institutes totaled nearly 600, more than 10 billion yuan of industrial output value. China magnetic materials industry has already begun to take shape in the production, affordable products occupy a larger international market, but in the end product is not yet a strong strength, the lack of international competitiveness. Products in the production of magnetic materials, although on closer and more than Japan, but in the output value is lower than Japan, low-grade products, low added value, our price is lower than the average magnetic products product half or a third of Japan . From the industry as a whole, China magnetic materials industry with Japan, the United States and other advanced countries, there is a big gap.

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