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Monday 08 July, 2013 | RSS Feed

NdFeB magnet material performance needs

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Performance NdFeB magnet materials are relatively high, as well as in today's magnet materials the amount of performance is dependent upon the next five points: the

The very first is the utmost energy product: the utmost energy method is demagnetization curve magnetic flux density and magnetic area strength from the product from the maximum value. The greater the worth, showing the magnetic energy saved per unit volume greater, the greater the performance of materials.

Second, the saturation magnetization: a lasting magnet materials are very important parameters. The saturation magnetization of magnet materials are greater, it signifies the utmost magnetic energy product material and also the remanence may achieve the maximum is greater.

The 3rd may be the coercive pressure: ferromagnetic magnetization to saturation, to ensure that its magnetization or magnetic induction strength is reduced to zero exterior magnetic area needed to reverse because the coercive. It's indicated by ale material to face up to demagnetization effect.

The 4th may be the remanence: towards the saturation magnetization of ferromagnetic and take away the exterior magnetic area, the magnetization direction from the residual magnetization maintained or residual magnetic flux density is known as remanence.

Finally, the Curie temperature: strong ferromagnets through the ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic in to the critical temperatures are known as paramagnetic Curie temperature or Curie point. High Curie temperature marks the magnet material temperatures are also high.

Since NdFeB performance during these five areas are relatively high, therefore the modern magnet materials is essentially the 3rd generation NdFeB-based.

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